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Day of the Gallery opening part 3...



D:     We played about five or six songs when we took our break and I needed some air. I went off stage and looked over at how Sebastian and Christopher were going on. I felt shattered. Many people tried to get in the middle of them but it was as though gravity itself couldn’t pull them away. Not seeing my chance I decided to go up to the roof after grabbing a glass of wine to be alone. I felt no one would ever be into me. Why didn’t I follow him in the pub? I stared at my reflection on a puddle in the gutter, am I ugly? Am I not pleasing? I took my shirt of because even though it was cool outside I was cooling fast enough, and I sat down looking over they town. He is out there, right? Or is he here I in this building being snared by Sebastian?


C: I’ve been having some rather delightful conversation with Sebastian. He’s been asking all sorts of questions. Before I could answer most of them, people started buggering into the conversation, and would be asking me about my paintings, and his modeling career. They almost started suffocating us. We were both getting a little annoyed. When his manager Peggy came up and started her crowd control. When no one was looking Sebastian offered…


S: Chris is wonderful, completely wonderful. I don’t think I could ever get enough of him. We seem to have the same taste in art and philosophy, and I had an urge to drag him off to a room for the night. He really is gorgeous, and I need to be alone with him. But it seems a thousand people are bombarding us with nosy comments. Peggy came along when I gave her my signal to distract the crowd. I lean in close to Chris, my lips caressing his ear. “Do you want to get away for awhile so we can talk…Privately?”


C:   “I thought you’d never ask, that’s really no joke. For a minute there I thought I would have to be stuck in this crowd.” I said smiling at him feeling my cupid arrow flying from me.


S:   “I know a place…” I reply, taking him by the hand. I lead him up a secluded stairway that led out the building and up to the roofs. With hand still firmly in mine, we reach the highest turret. By then we are pressed very close, and I can hear him breathing quite audibly. I can almost feel as though I’m utterly alone with him, somewhere outside of the world, when we both notice an outside presence. We look the same direction only to see Dylan leaning against the railing, Shirtless. 


C:   He took my hand, which sent vibrations up my arm. I smiled shyly hiding my face not to show him of the tingles of this sent me back to boyhood. I followed after him, him moving so quickly I almost lost him twice, and I tightened my hold of his hand. He seemed to be a pro at dodging spot lighters. Would I have to get used to that? I doubted it because painters didn’t have the following that Models have.  He had taking me up to the roof. I was glad to finally have some breathing room, and to be away from the public eye. I wanted to stay by his side. When I felt there were more that his eyes staring this way. He noticed to, we both looked over by that rails to see Dylan Hart shirtless, first seeing his abs. The distraught look in his face, and drinking alone.


D ”S’cuse me gents, don’t let me keep you” as I got up a little reckless and stumbling to out my shirt back on.


C: “No, no you can stay, after all we intruded on you” I pointed out with a soft smile after all a face like that, well you know.


S: I look to Chris a bit surprised seeing as we had planned to be alone. But then why cause a problem, needlessly. “Yeah, sure, why not?” I shrug, though I move closer to Chris all the same.


D: “Are you sure, I mean I have to go back soon in a few anyway. There’s just to much going on down there,” I said claming down a bit and finally managing to get my shirt on.


S: I hunch up my shoulders a bit. He looks nervous, and I wonder why  - I guess I’m nervous too as I can’t help but wonder why Chris had his eyes his while he was putting his shirt back on. Still I try and resign myself and be polite. “It’s no problem, you were here first, and we were just trying to escape the crowd. Stick around if you want.” I smile at him.


D: “Seems were all just getting away.” I laughed

C: ”I don’t even think they even notice yet,” I scoffed “Maybe you Sebastian,” I said smiling shyly in his direction


S: “Bah, I obviously didn’t make much of an impression, no one even took my picture. You the star tonight, Chris…” I wink at him. He smiles again, and I think I’m falling hard for that smile.


D: “That’s funny every eyes on you tonight, I mean Red’s well um, never mind. I don’t even think people are paying attention to my music some big break!” I scoffed. When I mentioned Red Chris’s lips made AND (O) shape.


S: “Well I think your music’s quite smashing! I wouldn’t have supported you guys otherwise, if I didn’t think you were the best!”


D: “Aye, well great many thanks for that” looking down at my watch, It was time but being so close to Chris. I just didn’t want to leave. “Well, it’s time for me to get back, lovely running into you both, a pleasure meeting you Mr. Kent.”


C: “And you as well, enjoy your evening Mr. Hart” I stated seeing him head away. 


S: “Alright then, have a nice night” I say with a quick wave, It’s a bit sad to watch him leave; he’s a right handsome fellow, at any rate. But to be alone at last- Ahhh a rare treat, this is what I have anticipated all week, and it is like a dream becoming reality. To have Chris so near it sends subtle sensations up my spine. “What next?” I wonder… Would he put his hand in miner? Would the space between us close? Do I dare dream of a kiss?
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