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The Gallery opening part 4...

C: I smiled at him a little relieved to finally be alone. I wondered what this would be like. What I could, should say. I remember Red’s words to me ‘With Sebastian’ he said ‘upfront and honest are things he cherishes, he will respect anyone for that.’ I walked towards the railing and looked back at him wondering if he could see the want in my eyes. “I’ve been staring at your picture since before I came to Brecon” I started with a confession “I want to paint you, I mean a portrait… Of your inner beauty as the way I see you.” I stammered, being as it was hard to spit out.


S: You want to paint my portrait? I am speechless for a moment, completely dumb with embarrassment. Chris grasps my left hand as I walked closer to him and caresses my palm. I am flabber gasted to say the least, and my body warms as he presses his face as close to mine as possible I gasp!


C: I come really close to his lips and I say “If you’ll let me, for my person collection” I whispered as I kiss him softly at first holding his face in my hands.


S: The first taste of his lips is indescribable, and no dream has ever seems so real. I feel the silk of his mouth to mine, and I lean into him, a moan escaping my throat. I can’t help but wrap an arm around his waist to support myself, otherwise I would fall helplessly into the night of my desire.


C: Like pleasure it came. He was now a reason melting with every minute our kiss went on. I caressed his neck and we slip from each other lips not really wanting to. I looked into his eyes “You are the sun and the stars, and I give to you now, which will only be yours to have forever” and I kissed his check again.


S: “This must be a dream,” I whisper, not believing this could be possible “You are everything I’ve ever wanted, and yet I hardly know you- I want to believe in dreams but how can I?” I grasp hold of him tightly, feeling my world as it dissolves. I feel like a kid again, abandoned and drowning… And he is my anchor; I hang on to him for dear life.


C: I embrace him leaning my head to his I say to him “I believe in you, dreams dear are what we make of them. You are my dream, you only be real if you let it be. I promise I’ll always be here for you and you alone.” I hug him to me running my hand in his hair. Not wanting to let go, ever!


S: How can I deserve something like this? What good thing have I ever done to grant me this kind of beauty, this kind of passion? I’m still holding onto him, my face buried into his neck, I hope he doesn’t think me childish, I want him to feel for me what I feel for him… “Is this real?  I mean there isn’t some mistake is there? Do you really want to paint me? I bite my lower lip as my eyes fill with a rush of hot tears.


C: “Yes it’s real, there is no mistake. I’ve never been more real about anything. When it comes to you I feel like a freed bird, open and vulnerable. Afraid to get hurt but trusting you regardless.” I confessed again. It is easy to tell him my true feelings, some how he hears me and it all pours with freedom. I rub his shoulder licking my bottom lip. Wondering if he didn’t believe me. It would hurt if he didn’t. I really don’t want my feelings not taken in seriously I don’t want him to think I am lying. “You believe me? Don’t you? I want nothing more than…”


S: “Yes…Yes I believe you. I trust you more than anything; even over people I’ve known my whole life. Everything’s always a fucking lie when it comes to me; no one is willing to tell me the truth… But you, I don’t know why, but I feel safe with you, like I know you’ll always be truthful with me. You’re an artist and you create beauty, and you tell the truth with the subtlety of you talent… How can I not believe in you? Ho can I not fall desperately in love with you…?” I’m staring deeply into his eyes, and I kiss him then, deeper than before.


C: He made my heart skip a beat maybe even two. I felt a few  tears touch my cheek falling from my eyes, I was happy and relieved. He felt the same as I do. I trust him. This time in our kiss I pull him as close to as air would allow, barely leaving room for us to breathe. Wrapping my arms about him. He finally touches my face and our kiss breaks for air. “ I’m falling to, don’t be afraid I’ll catch you,” I whispered, “You won’t be alone” at this point I thought that maybe I wouldn’t be alone anymore. When I thought we’d been out here a while and it should be time for the auction.


S: there were tears streaming down my face, and I wipe at them with the back of my hand embarrassed. Then noticing he had a few tears to. “so where do we go from here?”


C: “I want to paint you” I smiled helping him wipe his tears. “but first I believe there selling a few of my paintings, then we can do whatever you want.”


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