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The First Time...

I had already been watching him for a while, five minutes at least. I arrived in Brecon a few days before, with Peggy and Markus and Sheila, for my big shoot, and the Gallery opening. I didn’t like this little rainy town all that much; I preferred New York, and the noise and lights. There wasn’t much to look at here, nothing to distract me for long, so when I saw his face I was most pleasantly surprised. He could have been anyone really, an actor or even a rock star, he had that look about him, like he owned whatever he passed. It was his face though, that caught my attention, and he wasn’t some mock-up pretty boy, or whitewashed tart, his face had authority, meaning, depth, and a beauty that just overpowered everything else.


He had been walking and had stopped to look at a poster…It was of me if you could believe it, Shelia had been spreading them all around town since we arrived, and wanted everyone to know my face. He seemed taken aback, almost startled, and I couldn’t help but smile, as he must of liked what he saw. It wasn’t that impressive a portrait, as I was a lot younger and inexperienced when I took that shoot, but Markus and Sheila insisted that it made me seem innocent, and that my eyes were clearer then, before the wear and tear of drugs and years kicked in.


We were at a café, and Sheila had ordered me green tea “For my health” she said, and I balked. I already smoked too much, among other things, why did she even bother? “It’s going to rain,” I kept on saying pointedly at Peggy, who had been watching me. “I can’t afford to get wet you know, I was up at four getting made up, if you remember?” Sheila rolled her eyes and Markus smiled in that annoyingly know-it-all way of his. “Look at that wank gawping at your looks, as though he’s never seen the like,” He said, pointing toward Mr. Beautiful, who was only a few yards away. “He should take a picture it’ll last longer,” Peggy laughed, and soon the three of them were in fits. “I told you you’d make an impression Lane, people in this hole have never seen a fancy puss like yours.”


I ignored them and continued to watch…He really couldn’t take his eyes off me, when in truth he was the one to be stared at, with eyes so blue, and hair that moved silkily against the harsh wind. Before I knew what I was doing I began writing on a napkin in front of me, I couldn’t just leave things to fate this time, I had to plan ahead and I wasn’t letting that gorgeous creature get away.


I was up and walking towards the bridge before my associates could register that I was gone, and there was no stopping my actions. He didn’t noticed me, even as I got close, his eyes still on the poster. He was even more beautiful up close than I thought, only a bit taller than me, with strong shoulders and lean muscle showing beneath his jacket. He began taking a few backward steps, in that funny way people do when they’re not thinking, and before I knew it he’d run smack into me. I landed on top of him and could feel his hard body beneath me…I gasped. “Oh I’m sorry!” He kept on saying, and then he saw my face. Recognition crept into his wide eyes, and he made a noise in the back of his throat as though he couldn’t even believe what he was seeing. “Its no problem” I said trying not to smile too much. I made my face a mask, so he wouldn’t see my longing. I had never seen anyone like him, and probably never would again. Before I could breathe I felt a hardening in my pants that was unmistakable. He was stammering his name…Chris.

I couldn’t help but smile then, and I may have mouthed his name beside myself. His lips looked so soft and pliable, and his face held a gentleness that I couldn’t have seen from far off. I had my hand on his arm as he was helping me up, had he felt the telltale sign between my legs? Heat burned into my cheeks. He was brushing me off and apologized again, his hands were firm but tender, and the feel of them on my body wasn’t helping my condition any better. I took his hand and shook it, feeling the grooves and calluses in them, not wanting to let go, never wanting to separate myself from him “See you then,” I might of said as I let go, and began to walk away. He looked enamored and a little disappointed, but he couldn’t say anything as I left. I turned away from him sadly, not knowing whether he noticed the note I left for him in his right hand. “Hey I really like your face,” It read. “Meet me at the Brecon Gallery of Arts opening. 6pm, Saturday.”


And that as they say, was that. Later on in my Hotel room, Sheila and Peggy were in a buzz picking out jackets and trousers for me, even though I knew they were too big. Markus was on his cell in a debate with my manager over my appearance at the opening, how long I should stay, and what I should talk about (If anything). I wasn’t paying any attention though, all I could see, think, hear, breath was Chris. His deep eyes, his warm hands, and spicy scent. I leaned against the windowpane, hugging my knees. ‘Would he come?’ I thought. ‘Or would he just stay home and forget all about me?’


What would I do if I never saw him again, they’re lots of pretty faces in the world after all, including my own. But I’d never seen anything like his, and never would again. This was something new and strange for me…was it love? Well, was there ever any doubt?


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